• It's time for something new in the Electronic System Level design world (aka ESL). In fact it is way past time for a truly OpenSource solution to small bits of modeling. That is why this website and non-profit organization was started. 

    We intend to imitate the highly successful web site except that our focus is SystemC rather than C++. Code uploaded to this site will have to meet standards that include unencumbered licensing, documentation, cross-platform execution, and examples. 

    Unencumbered licensing means that any individual or corporation may freely use IP obtained here in their design without fear of legal handcuffs. The licensing details are currently being worked out, but rest assured that everyone will be on equal footing. 

    Equality is another aspect of this site. Individuals and corporations will be treated equally and fairly. Big money will have no more say on what stays or goes than individuals as long as the focus is SystemC.

    Concepts will be tested, discussed and voted. WIth time, we will learn what works and what doesn't. After passing certain hurdles, IP may become eligible to be donated to standards for incorporation into one of the standards. Meanwhile, user's will be able to download and use the code all they want with source code included.

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